Joint Commission on Technology and Science


2017 JCOTS and Advisory Committee Meetings and Materials

Date Time Place Group Documents
12/06/2017 10:00 AM Shared Committee Room #E007, Pocahontas Building, Richmond Full Commission
11/30/2017 10:00 AM 9th Floor Conference Room, Pocahontas Building, Richmond Environmental Regulations and the Aviation Industry Work Group
09/19/2017 10:00 AM Rm 300-A, Pocahontas Building, Richmond Denbigh Aviation Academy Work Group Agenda   Materials  Summary
04/04/2017 2:00 PM HRD, GAB, Richmond Full Commission Agenda   Materials  Summary
07/12/2017 10:00 AM HR2, The Capitol, Richmond HB 2459 (2017) Work Group
08/09/2017 10:00 AM HR1, The Capitol, Richmond Full Commission Agenda   Materials  Summary

*This is an electronic meeting.